Legislative Audit


RE: Rep Fischer’s request for Legislative Audit

Original statement on 16/17 Budget Shortfall

It is a fact that DCPS overspent its expected 16/17 budget by about $20 Million.  While I was disappointed in this finding,  I was impressed with swift and decisive action taken by the Superintendent.  We have removed the CFO and installed new leadership in our finance department.

On July 18, I proposed to the School Board that we direct the Administration to further investigate the budget issues from last year and document the causes of the problems so they can be corrected. That recommendation was accepted and is being executed as we speak. I am not concerned with the possibility of a Legislative Audit.  As I suggested to the board, we need to institute additional peer review and a Legislative audit can be a part of that review process.

Rep. Fischer’s characterization of the budget findings point to the fact that the district finance office made a considerable mistake. On that point, I think everyone would agree. The issue is not to fix the blame but fix the underlying problems that generated this situation in the first place.

Scott Shine